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Cut Your Monthly Electric Bill - 25% Savings Guaranteed!

Typical Home & Business Savings range from 27% to 55%+

Energy Saver Las Vegas

Residential Green Saver

Single Phase 800 Amp Capacity Unit The R1 unit is designed for residential applications up to 4000 sq. feet. This high quality equipment is designed for many years of reliable service. We offer a 7 year replacement warranty and 20 year life expectancy. Every Green Saver comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee of electricity savings 25% or more. Average savings reported from users is an impressive 35%.
Our many, many satisfied users love that it is maintenance and contract free. With a small onetime purchase they can enjoy savings for years to come. The units can even be easily moved to another location if you move. The unit recovers its cost many times over. Best of all our customers no longer pay for unused electricity.
Some Green Saver customers have kindly mailed us copies of their bills which we keep on file. Savings range from 27% to 55%+. Start saving today with this revolutionary approach to energy management and conservation.

Commercial & Industrial

  • C 240V - Single phase 
  • C 208V - 3 phase  
  • C 277V - 3 phase
  • C 480V - 3 phase

    These models apply to almost all commercial and industrial applications.
    We guarantee the purchaser to save 25%. The average savings is 35%.
    These units come with the same 5 year replacement warranty,
    and 20 year life expectency. For the typical business these units quickly pay for themselves many times over. Additionally they qualify as tax deductible equipment.

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